Training Chest

Chest is definitely my favourite muscle group to train. In the beginning I followed a certain routine I found from online and overtime tweaked it to get the best possible results and growth.

At the beginning of every chest day I always start of with incline dumbbell chest press. This exercise is a very high intensity exercise that requires high amounts of energy, this is why it is best to start of every chest session with this exercise. It’s also very good in judging and assessing your overall strength, I personally use this exercise to test my progress by going as high as possible for 3-5 reps (4 reps).

After this I tend to move onto either cable flies, machine flies or both in which I tend to use a lower weight and go for high reps, usually around 8-12. This helps with the hypertrophy of the muscle (increasing the volume) and what I refer to as muscle stamina. For example I can lift very heavy, but if I drop the weight even by half, I won’t be able to do nearly as many reps and I technically should be able to do due to me personally not paying much attention to increasing my hypertrophy.

For my final exercises I always vary it between weighted push-ups, bench press or decline chest press. For these exercises I always mix it up between going heavy as possible, or increasing my amount of reps on a lower weight.

Generally on days I train chest, I will pair this with biceps, however most people pair it with triceps. Whichever more you feel comfortable with pairing is absolutely fine. I will be covering bicep workouts and tricep workouts in further posts.

At the end of every chest day make sure you stretch out your pecs or you will be in for a world of cramps later that day. Stretching also to an extent helps with the healing process and muscles expansion.

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