Training Back

Next to chest day, training back is most probably my second favourite. Back is a very big muscle group and generally have a day dedicated to back, or sometimes if I have energy left at the end of my session, will compliment it with abs.

Your back muscles are the source of power, and with a strong back you can greatly enhance your strength in other exercises. When training your back however, you have to be extremely careful especially when performing exercises with your lower back.

The exercise I always start with to test my progress is pull-ups followed by seated rows. These exercises require the most effort and should be given 100% if you are to test your progress. I follow up these exercises with bent over rows and reverse flies.

For lower back, I always make sure to do deadlifts. Deadlifts are a glass cannon, they can potentially cause harm if not executed correctly, however can deem extremely good results. Don’t get scared based on the fact they can cause harm, as long as a low weight is used and you practice correct form, you should have absolutely no issues. I will talk more about deadlifts in a separate post.

Generally a decent back session will consist of about 4-5 exercises, with 2 of them requiring you to lift as heavy as possible for low reps, and the remainder with a lower weight and targeting higher reps.

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