My Story – How I Got Started

Like many, before I got started I had the desire to improve my physique. In 2010, I decided to join a gym and make this desire become a reality, I was an 18 year old with scrawny arms and a ┬ápot belly….not the greatest body right? However I didn’t want to gym alone, having absolutely no idea how I would train or what to do at a gym with so much equipment, I joined my friends gym which was about 20 minutes from home. I bought a year pass and went every second day for the first week. Like I said, this lasted a week, for the rest of the year I went to the gym not more than 7 times!

Why did this happen? There were a few reasons, number 1 being that the gym was too far from home. Having a conveniently located gym can change how regularly you go to the gym drastically. Reason number 2 being that I had no idea what I was doing at the gym, so the few sessions I did attend during the year felt absolutely useless. The last and most important reason being I didn’t have the correct motivation.

A year later after my initial failed attempt at starting a fitness routine, some personal events occurred in my life that made me want to find a hobby to keep myself distracted which resulted in me developing new found motivation to start up at the gym. I had a friend who also wanted to start up as well who lived very close to me, so we both signed up to our university gym which was just down the road. We did our research and found routines online and bought some supplements such as protein and pre-workout.

After the first 2 months at the gym going at least 3 times a week, we started seeing results which motivated us to go even further. Over time we started going 4-5 times a week and setting greater goals like lifting heavier. Within months we were able to tweak our routines and add in our own exercises which eventually became our own routines built from scratch. This enabled us to learn more about which exercises worked best for each muscle groups and how to execute correct form.

Having done our own research, we kept upgrading our supplements, finding which ones suited us best and which ones would help us reach our goals. This also evolved to us watching our diets and learning more about nutrients necessary for the body and muscle development.

In further posts I will be talking about exercises for certain muscle groups and supplements including diet for your desired body physique.

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