Ultimate Fitness Guide Introduction

Every person you ever come across will have insecurities about themselves. Whether it be related to a certain facial feature they possess, their height maybe even their abilities to perform in various activities. One of the greatest insecurities almost everyone experiences in their life, is the insecurity of their bodies.

When we walk down the streets, we generally always notice and sometimes envy people we see with great bodies. This can potentially work to your advantage to motivate you and sign up to your local gym with the goal of getting in the best possible shape and having a body you can be proud of. Unfortunately we all experience the same problem, the problem that we struggle to keep ourselves motivated and continue our workouts for more than a couple of weeks at best.

Everyone gets motivated from different sources, this may be from a gym partner who’s continuously pushing you, maybe you’re surrounded by a lot of people who are in incredible shape making you feel like the outcast of the group, or even just simple encouragement from family and friends. What everyone misses is the greatest source of motivation…. yourself! When you have identified your resolve and you find something that works for you, you get to a point where you want to go to the gym, you start seeing results in your body and you want to see how far you can push yourself. Your own motivation can stem from anything. Personally my self motivation came from finding a hobby to take my mind off personal events which will be explained in my next blog post.

If you’re thinking of starting to workout but you just can’t find the motivation, that is what my entire blog is about. I will run through training schedules, supplements I take, my individual progress on goals I hope to achieve and help you maintain motivated during your commitment to fitness.

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